Rechargeable Facial Steamer Sprayer

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  • MaterialAcrylic
  • Power SourceRechargeable Battery
  • Standard Voltage220V
  • Charging WayUSB Charging
  • Battery Capacity3000mAh
  • Spray0.4mm/0.06 in Spray Pistol
  • Water Tank20ml/40ml / 0.68oz/1.35oz
  • Pressure50KPA
  • Weight300g/0.66lbs
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Zachary Schoen

    It works well. It's fine. It's fine.

    Theresa Heathcote

    I am currently using this little cordless airbrush with gel airbrush polish and I love it. Very easy to use even if you are a newbie like me. It comes with three cups in different sizes so you can use just a little bit or a lot of paint. And you can control the amount of paint that comes out by tightening or loosening the little knob on the back. To clean it, I like adding a bit of alcohol when I am done and letting it run until no more color comes out.

    Lilian Dickens

    This thing is awesome because you don’t need a huge air compressor around with you.
    It’s very portable .
    It has really good battery life.
    This is everything you need !

    Dimitri Cassin

    This airbrush is very easy to use and clean but I especially appreciate how lightweight it is making it very easy to use for hours if needed.

    Savanah Becker

    Rechargeable Facial Steamer Sprayer

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